Whilst a Management Rights business can offer attractive lifestyle alternatives, the purchase process can be littered with financial and legal pitfalls; this can be daunting for the first time buyer.

Management Rights Australia combines the knowledge and experience of two of Queensland’s leading Management Rights specialists.

The MRA team has 30 yrs combined professional expertise, relating to the selecting and purchasing of a Management Rights business and legal and accounting due diligence.

Attending one of our Management Rights Seminars will not only give you the tools to move forward confidently it offers you the professional team of accountants, lawyers and financiers, to help guide you in the right direction.

Let Management Rights Australia guide you through the management rights maze….

  •  We give you unbiased advice on what type of Management Rights business would best suit you.

  •  We have specialised in the Management Rights industry for close on 30 years.

  •  We are not in the business of selling Management Rights but, more importantly, guiding you through the A to Z process, so that you are able to  make an informed decision when it comes to the actual buying process.

Many potential owners are investing their life savings (years of blood, sweat and tears) into purchasing Management Rights businesses; the investment of 3 hours at one of our monthly Seminars could be the best decision you will make in protecting and increasing your assets.

If you are unable to attend one of our Seminars, we invite you to navigate the information provided on this website or better still, phone us for a FREE consultation.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Please check our Seminar Schedule for dates and venues.

Upcoming Seminars

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Management Rights Articles


    What is the net profit of the business? How big is the letting pool? How many years are left on the agreements? What is the body corporate remuneration? Is the office on title or is it “Exclusive Rights” over common property etc...?

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